Who am I?

I’m a retired teacher of Drama and English. Other than an enduring love affair with my Armenian-born wife Lilit, my passions include books, Australian football, the Adelaide Crows, Australian cricket, theatre, movies and wine. I have an adult son, Jordan. I live with Lilit in the Adelaide Hills, where we run a stall at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market. These days I am retired from teaching, but not writing.

My writing…

Duty of Care

On January 31, 2017, my novella Duty of Care is to be published by Austin Macauley. It is now registered with the UK’s main book distributors, the key booksellers Amazon (UK and US) and W.H. Smith and Waterstones head office, and the book database Nielsen’s. Before long it will be in bookshops and of course can be ordered online.

It is a story of a modern high school in microcosm:

The most “colourful” Year Nines have been removed from Happy Vale High to a five-day Australian bushland Outdoor Education school camp retreat, well away from the all-important Affirmative Education conference. Drama teacher Peter Moon and four colleagues have been assigned as supervision. Peter discovers two suspended stowaways on the bus, who immediately vanish once they reach camp. No phone signal and a cut telephone landline isolate the group from the outside world until the bus returns on Friday. The absence of camp staff rules out Outdoor Education activities. It’s all downhill from there. Peter is tested mentally and physically like never before. He questions again his career choice, but by the end of the week some of the answers he seeks have begun to emerge. One concerns the very essence of what it means to be an educator. Duty of Care asks the question: how much might you care?

Look for further announcements about publication dates and details. Under the ‘Education’ heading of this blog, I plan to begin a series of posts about issues connected with being a classroom teacher in the digital age, where peer bonding is deemed more important than study and passing and deterrents to counter-productive behaviour are at best lukewarm.

Journey of Faith

Imagine soldiers murdering your mother. Face being banished from your childhood home. Confront a four-year desert Death March.

Journey of Faith is one woman’s memoir of survival during and after the 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide. From Anatolia to Aleppo and finally Adelaide, her faith is sorely tested. A haunted former Ottoman Empire soldier must question long-held beliefs.

In April and May of 2015, my 75-minute extended one-act play Journey of Faith debuted before an audience that included South Australian politicians and community leaders in the Holden Street Theatres in Adelaide. The season coincided with the April 24 Centenary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. The play toured to Sydney for two very well received performances at the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood. On June 1, it rated a mention in Hansard, when the Federal Member for Makin, Tony Zappia, prefaced his speech on the Armenian Genocide to the House of Representatives in Canberra with a reference to the play.

The play can be viewed online here: https://youtu.be/aZ2MSkSHDts …copy and paste the link into the address bar.

Update: I have completed the novelisation of the play. Its title is Angel of Aleppo, a Story of the Armenian Genocide. As of November 2018, it is being considered for publication.

Blogs, Verse et al…

Please click on the other headings to read writing samples. For three years, I wrote a regular blog for the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market. A selection of those are on this site. I am available to write tight, highly readable verse and to create online copy that tells a story to assist people in business with a product or a message.

The following is a promotional piece I wrote for Gio’s, a local pizza outlet:

REAL PIZZA, made by REAL ITALIANS. You’ll love it…            

You’re a real epicure, a fine diner. But I know your first love: PIZZA

There isn’t one you haven’t tried. You’ve set ‘pizza challenges’ all over … around town, abroad – even ‘old Napoli’ itself. When the moon hits your eye, it’s a big pizza pie…

Yes, for you, that’s amoré…

So do your plastic a favour, forget the usual Friday fare. Come to the Adelaide Hills to break bread.

Especially when the ‘bread’ we’re breaking is the crusty, crisp-on-the-outside, giving-in-the middle savoury-sensational base for all that is ambrosial in the Pizza Paradise that is Gio’s!

Edi and team have been doing it the traditional Italian way since the seventies. From the instant you approach Gio’s busy counter, the garlic and chilli wafts on the kitchen breeze.

Old Napoli itself could not top Gio’s topping for sheer organic tomato-ey genius.

The best of Italy meets the pick of produce from the Adelaide Hills: locally cured ham, bacon, salami, mushrooms, olives, herbs, Hills-churned cheese.

So many pizzas…so little time…

You will not so eat as inhale the Siciliana, with its kalamata olives, salami and mozzarella…and be sure to add extra anchovies and chilli…

You’ll want to try the Gio’s Real Chicken with its special BBQ sauce as well. Free range Hills chooks provide the succulent core of this treat, which comes with fresh tomato, onion, mushrooms and mozzarella..

The Della Casa (garlic marinated prawns, kalamata olives, fresh parsley), Crudo Classico (Roma Salsa and prosciutto, garlic and fresh basil), Genoa (spinach, feta cheese, parmesan and chilli oil), Pescatori (garlic marinated prawns, tuna, squid) and Tandoori (Tandoori tomato base and Tandoori chicken) all have their special charm, but it’s the Chilli Squid (fresh chilli squid marinated with pesto, Spanish onion, mozzarella with fresh tomato and cracked pepper) that truly has Gio’s breaking well clear from the pizza peleton, to street the field, daylight second.

Before you fill up too much, the Mount Barker Special with its fresh capsicum and glorious thick chunks of bacon will call you as well.

And the garlic cheese pizza bread is to die for…

Gio’s is a well-kept Hills secret.

The place lacks nothing except for fame. It’s devoid of celebrity, without pretension. The only people who dine there are real people, who can’t afford flash nosh-ups in town. But they can make comments online, like these:

“… we had the best meal of all time…” (Kim Anderson)

“I can’t believe they just call it Pizza Giovanni…” (Lilit Petrosyan)

“…really fine dining at country prices…” (Elena Harrison)

“Favourite pizza in the region, toppings are fresh and plentiful. Can’t go better!” (Jordan C)

“…loads of toppings and friendly staff…” (Darren Lodge)

On line Restaurant Booking Service DIMMI’S says:

“…For more than 15 years Giovanni Pizza has provided … some of the most delicious slices of pizza around… like the recommended chilli and calamari pizza… the menu caters to a wide range of tastes…”

Experience Pizza Perfection that puts the competition through a Blander.

Have it with that serious Shiraz you’ve been saving.





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