Marketing the market

We all want a healthy vibrant market. We love our Adelaide Hills Farmers Market. We love the child and dog friendly green ambience of the lawns and buying direct from friendly growers or creators of reasonably-priced, high-quality produce. Perfect, or so it would seem.

How do you improve on perfection? In short, by having more of it, more stalls, more customers, greater diversity. So how can you help? Manager, stallie, regular customer, occasional visitor: your words make a difference. We know that for us Word of Mouth is our most effective marketing tool. If you like the market, talk it up amongst your network.

Get friends and family to meet at Mann St on a Saturday. Have breakfast, have a coffee. There are so many points to talk up – the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market supplies competitively-priced fresh, healthy food. It’s easy to park, it supports local farm produce and promotes friendly, caring community values.

The modern trend is to collect people via social media. Once you collect them, then what? We can’t connect individually with a thousand Facebook friends in our 21st century cyber-soaked retreat into screen and keyboard, where we order, take delivery, use and discard without connecting. Why not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al to connect meaningfully?

Why not step back a little to a greener, cleaner place, where food has a face and connect at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market? No doubt some of your social media contacts are within actual cooee of Mann St. Pass this blog on, talk to a neighbour, invite friends. Your connections will make our market extend its connections and more local producers will benefit. What’s not to like about that?