Legend of the Game


One Wednesday in December 1960 we remember

Image for the ages, a runout tied the score

Fall of the last wicket brought joy back into cricket

Worrell’s tour Down Under elevated to folklore


Captain of that series, an adventurer with theories

On cricket when distilled might say risk is not a sin

Six down at tea, Hall firing, self-belief inspiring

Benaud said to Bradman: we’re going for a win


And so the many clashes versus England for the Ashes

Bowling May behind his legs a series-winning ball

Playing days completed as captain undefeated

In television Richie found new ways to enthral


Less more in his precision of words to colour vision

Never in winter painting pictures of the game

Driving evolution, the Packer revolution

Unassuming, private, humble with his fame


For decades every season, voice of summer reason

Now the wordsmith leaves us. Nothing is the same

His canny story-telling of cricket was compelling

Now silenced, flags half-mast. Vale, legend of the game