I have six one-act plays, written for students, which have been well-received by the audiences of parents and friends. All are suitable for teenage actors and community theatre groups seeking something lively and engaging. They are presented below in brief synopsis, with cast sizes referred to in number and gender e.g. 3M, 3F…in most cases, there is a little flexibility possible when casting.

Baggage – 2M, 8F – Hope arrives at the lawyer’s office to meet her cousin Clare and discuss their late grandmother’s will. Hope carries a lot of baggage, represented onstage by various actors. She has always been made to feel inferior and Clare does her best to keep things that way. Eventually, Clare’s ruthless plan to have it all emerges. But there was one thing she didn’t anticipate. Audiences will try to second-guess the outcome all the way.

Springtime Dream – 2M, 11F – All in rhyming couplets, this fragmentary reimagining of a Shakespeare classic will delight audiences young and old. Titania, Puck and a bunch of dysfunctional fairies oversee the romantic progress of an Athenian quartet in the woods. This is a fun play, especially for girls and it has wonderful opportunities for a creative costume designer.

The Next Big Thing – 2M, 4F – A group of film students meet their lecturer for their final group session: the all-important presentations of their film treatments. The one adjudged the best will get to meet the man from Fox. Rivalries and jealousies are laid bare in this wicked ensemble comedy on greed and ambition. There are great opportunities for some memorable characterisations.

This Just In – 2M, 5F – Set in mythic middle European kingdom, dark forces are at work. Evil Prime Minister ‘Fat Tony’ Berlusconi has developed a cunning plan, working with chilling media boss Antoinette LaBiche, to unseat the unassuming heir to the throne, the charming Prince Louis. But neither really saw international jet-setting superstar Consuela Seville coming. Likewise the lovely Hayley Kensington.

Cinders – 5M, 6F, with extras; doubling possible Another story in a mythical middle European kingdom, told by glamorous media superstar Julia Zero, firmly centred around the classic fairy tale about the girl who leaves a slipper behind at the ball. This has several modern twists and opportunities for great characterisations: notably the King, Queen, evil genius Dr Magneto and Herald cameo.

The Dance Teacher – 8F, plus a Voiceover – Madame Hockoff runs an ‘entrepeneurial’ Dance Studio, where she mercilessly torments and belittles her students. It is a vehicle for girls who love to dance, as there are solos within it and a number at the end, after Agent Smith appears to read Madame the riot act.