Here are some of my one-act plays, written originally for students, well-received by their parent/friend audiences and suitable for teenage actors and/or community theatre groups seeking something lively and engaging. They are presented below in brief synopsis, with cast sizes referred to in number and gender e.g. 3M, 3F. In most cases, there is casting flexibility.

Don’t Wish Too Hard – 1M, 1F – Dash is a wannabe screenwriter, estranged from his wealthy dad. He suffers allergies and a phobia that keeps him from leaving his room. Sammi professes to be his friend and insists she wants to help him. They both wish to better their situations, but maybe they wish too hard.

Something Wicked – 4M, 5F – All in rhyming couplets, this *wicked* irreverent re-imagining of Macbeth will provide actors, costume and set designers with a fun challenges aplenty. Lady Macbeth is still up to her pushy housewife schtick, but it is Lady Macduff who provides the surprise.

Springtime Dream – 2M, 11F or 7M, 10F (slightly revised version) – All in rhyming couplets, this mashup of a Shakespeare classic will delight audiences young and old. Titania, Puck and a bunch of dysfunctional fairies oversee the romantic progress of an Athenian quartet in the woods. This is a fun play, especially for girls, and it has wonderful opportunities for a creative costume designer.

Cinders – 5M, 6F, with extras; doubling possible A story in a mythical middle European kingdom, told by glamorous media superstar Julia Zero, firmly centred around the classic fairy tale about the girl who leaves a slipper behind at the ball. This has several modern twists and opportunities for great characterisations: notably the King, Queen, evil genius Dr Magneto and Herald cameo.